Sunday, October 08, 2006

Favorite Season 7

Johnathan Alder 17 Bishop Ready 14 It must have been the Harvest Moon because lately I've had some bad games lately, but this week was a game with a great finish. The first quarter pretty much had 4 punts and 3 turnovers and as a photographer I need to have the offense coming towards me so I did a lot of running early. Things settled down.. well a little, the turnovers were many and to make it worse there were about 20 penalties. It was sloppy but there were some nice plays. Early second quarter Ready had a fourth and 1 and decided to go for it. They snap the ball and BAM Alder stopped the running back before he crossed the first down marker.

The game as tied at 7 when Bishop Ready got a little tricky. A hand off end around then the running back threw to a wide receiver for a huge gain. The next play Ready snapped the ball and it was the exact same play only to the other side of the field, but it fell incomplete. So the next play guess what they did. Snap the ball hand of to a full back that threw it to the running back, he bobbles the ball recovers and scored the touchdown, Ready up 14-7.

Alder later in the third recovered a turnover and then runs the option, it wasn't just any option. It seemed the running back was half way across the field from the quarterback. The QB pitches and the running back turns on the after burners and is in for the touchdown. All tied at 14.

Ready looking to move the ball so what do they do. Hey lets do that end around pass thing. Bad choice my friend. Alder was ready and intercepted the pass and that led to a field goal giving you the final.

Games can be sloppy, but still be a good game. Alder pretty much locked up a playoff spot and Ready needs at least another win to do the same.

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