Saturday, September 30, 2006

Travel and family

It's 2:00AM and in 5 hours I am driving to Romulus, Michigan to visit my brother and his fiancee. Most of the J-Dog clan will be there and it will be a long day. I'm still tired from my day on Thursday, plus going to Cincinnati today did not make things better. So I really do not want to do any more traveling. Also I have created a little bit of drama within the family, which I can not expound on right now but hopefully within the next week or two I can. I just don't want to hear what everyone has to say about the issue. The Wife and I can handle it and everyone will have to deal. If it gets too bad I am going to refuse to stay overnight and just drive home. I'm too tired to type any more and I think The Wife is starting to wonder what I am doing.


Sami said...

Um... how many people am I going to hear about your little "drama" from??

Adam said...

I'll just wait for you to call. I hope it gets better buddy.

J Dog said...

Sami, I think you know the drama I'm talking about *coughs* North *cough* Carolina *cough* I think I need a doctor

Wilson FYI my family is insane... you do realize that. The weekend wasn't as bad as expected.

Sami said...

Thats not drama... thats life.. they will get over it.

P.S. we are not all insane, just a few.