Sunday, September 17, 2006

In Way Over My Head

The Wife and I started to help out our churches new kids service. Originally I thought I was going to be doing a few skits and be a helper. Next thing I know I'm in charge of the third grade boys! I wasn't thrilled, but I had to deal. I get there and there is only 1 boy so The Wife and I combined her group (the third grade girls) and my boy. That's when everything started to get beyond my control. The girls basically were all over the place! I tried and did an OK job, but wow that was more than I expected. They would not listen and were all over the place. They are like polar bears, they seem so cute and nice and then they rip your face off. I was drained from dealing with them. Then everyone went to the gym/sanctuary and it was Kindergarten through 6th grade and it was pretty much what Dante described as the seventh layer of hades. I had a few parents come up to me and say things like, not use to this, or does this make you want to have kids? Well pretty much no. Maybe one day, but definitely not after tonight/


poutineq said...

You need to start with little kids and work your way up to third graders!

J Dog said...

Yeah, that would have been the better option, but I think The Wife is trying the throw J-Dog into the deep end and hope he swims.