Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You Killed Mr. Ecko! You Bastards!

Why is it this year every single show I enjoy either has my favorite character leave for a portion of the season or they kill them off. Tonight's example of this evil trend is Mr. Ecko from lost. Ever since they started to show him last season I can't get enough of the religious lovable bad ass. So what did they go and do? Have a giant black cloud come and kill him. I thought it was a very interesting flash back with Ecko. You learned what happened to him after his brother was shot and how he got out of Nigeria.

I've made comments about how I have learned nothing this season and I've started to loose interest. Damn it Lost has done it again with one more new episode till June of 2015 or something like that. The others are about to go into a civil war and Jack is in the middle, and death maybe coming for all so without further adu here is what I learned, figured out, and thought about tonight's episode:

-You see dead people inside tents on the island

-Ben is not liked by the people on flight 815 nor anyone else on the island

-Ben needs to work on his brainwashing skills, kind of hard to brain wash someone with the look of fear on your face.

-Do not get on the bad side of Juliet, she'll kill you

-OK they are using industrial grade Beta machines, so that means her little INXS moment was shot on Beta SP. Did they hire a freelance photographer for that? "OK so let me get this straight I'm sailing to some island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to shoot you flipping some cue cards?" "Alright, but you have to pay for lodging and protection from any weird black fog creatures."

-What the hell was with the guy with the patch! That gave me a chill... it's giving me a chill now! Will there be pirates?

-They finally brought back the creepy music when something happens. I was wondering where it went.

-If I was Bernard I'd be watching my back. He's the only person left from the tail section.

-Who the hell are the new people from the beach camp? You can't just have some woman and guy just come out of nowhere! If this was Star Trek I believe they would be wearing red.

-Finally what happened to the segment out graphic and sound effect. You know the one with the out of focus then in focus lost logo or the BONG! to black. This episode needed a few BONG hits going into a commercial break... ummm seriously that was not a drug reference.


Neuhart said...

I totally agree with eveything you said. I liked Ecko and was pissed that they or some black smoke that I still have no idea what it stands for killed him. I'm beginning to find myself fast forwarding more on my DVR through this show b/c they don't explain anything. That was a goood call about Bernard though...I didn't even think about that. All I know is that they need to start explaining at least something so I can stay interested.

King Tom said...

I'm guessing they didn't have the end bong out of respect for Eko's passing.

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