Sunday, December 09, 2007

People Who Have Visited This Site

Back in April I signed up for Google Analytics and if you don't know what it is, it's allows me to see how many people have come to the website, where they came from, and what they saw. I knew I had a few friends that checked out the page, but I always wondered what kind of a footprint I was leaving on the web. I tell you what I have some weird searches and places on this page.

Obviously the number one country is the US (2220 visits) with most of those coming from Ohio (913) North Carolina (409) and Florida (141). I can understand the first two, but Florida is a little odd, it's about 60% returning and 40% are new. I do have a sister in Florida, but I don't think she would be the majority of those returning, who knows. I've actually had someone from every state except Maine, North Dakota and Wyoming. Why don't you like me you three remaining states? I haven't even made fun of you... till now. Maine, your lobster sucks. North Dakota, I thought you were part of Canada and finally Wyoming... the cowboy state or shall I say Brokeback state. Maybe that will get me a hit.

Not to quote a song, but I've been around the world I've been seen in 46 other countries the Canada and Uk are the biggest, but I love the random countries that make me go WHAT? I've had two hits from Croatia looking at my Ash album review... needless to say the left real quick. Then there was Estonia, I didn't even knew they had the Internet they didn't have a keyword and landed on the main page. Staying in the former Soviet block someone from Bulgaria searched for salivating and landed on the post about my free burritos. My favorite unusual country is Uganda, this person's key search was "husband stays out till 1:00am with another married woman" and got my Lost post about the killing of Mr Ecko, I don't think that is what they were looking for.

I love the keyword function on Analytics, it allows you see what people were looking for when they landed on your site, the biggest five are:
1. USC Song Girls- I took a picture during the NCAA and now, it's at number 1
2. Aquafina Stocks- I wrote as a joke, that Aquafina stock was going to rise because I drank so much water, little did I know that stock brokers were looking for tips on Google.
3. Fat Punter- A personal favorite and love the fact I'm getting hits for it.
4. Monkey Riding a Bike- OK the key on this is, with Google if you type money riding bike you get a video of a monkey riding a bike, but you add that "a" in there I'm the top of the second page. I don't think The Wife and I riding our bikes is as interesting
5. Mila Duno- She raced in the Indy 500 and mentioned she sounded like Charo, and now I get at least one hit a month for people looking for Miss Duno.

Even though, those are my top 5 hits, they usually are looking for something else and leave real quick. The one thing that got a few people to stay was Miss America falling down, the average time on here was almost four and a half minutes and they visited a total of 41 other pages. Then one guy loved the Snake Handler post so much he stayed on for 15 minutes. Maybe the kid from Utah is going to reference me in a school paper.

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