Sunday, December 02, 2007

Greatest Trilogy?

Yesterday was a lazy day, I was a little worn down and I slept most of the day or laid on the couch. As I was laying there I saw a commercial for the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, when the announcer guy said greatest trilogy of the decade. Hold on there splicky, aren't you guys for getting about some small trilogy called the Lord of the Rings? Fellowship of the Ring came out in 2001 and if I am not mistaken that happens to be in this decade.

I liked the first Pirate movie, but they got worse as they went along. It was more about cool fight scenes and special effects. All three of the Ring movies were great. I know people complained about the length of the third, but it still was great. I would almost consider the Lord of the Ring trilogy the greatest of all times.

I know some one is saying "What about the Godfather?" Well the first two are unbelievably great, but the third was a let down and I would almost not even consider it part of the first two. Then you have Indiana Jones, the first and third were great, the second... a little cheese. Don't even get me started on Back to the Future.

So to call Pirates the greatest trilogy of the decade is just a horrible lie. Shame on you Disney and others involved in the movie, know your roll in the decade and don't you forget it!


King Tom said...

When I saw the title of this post, I was like, "had he never seen the original Star Wars (or even Back to the Future)?"

But then when I realized it was about this decade, I still think that the SW prequels beat the hobbit movies and the pirate movies (yarrrrr!).

If you've ever seen Clerks 2, Randal's monologue about the hobbit movies sums it up nicely.

J Dog said...

In my rage I forgot about the Star Wars trilogy. I would say that Star Wars beats Lord of the Rings. Also, that was a good rant by Randal.

Schattenjager said...

Ok, there shall be a beating when you get to Ironton for speaking about the Holy Trilogy(LotR)with less than absolute reverence.

J Dog said...

That will be the 21st-24th of December and who did I speak ill? It's in the top two. If they would have put TOm Bombadilly in the movie then it would have been number 1.