Saturday, December 01, 2007

Am I in the Right Bathroom?

The Wife is into making jewelry and she is getting pretty good at it. After we ate lunch today, she needed to go to the bead store so she can make my younger niece a necklace. We walked around and all of the sudden, I felt the "urge" to find a bathroom. I've thrown off my digestive system this week by eating bad. I walk down a hall way and there are two rooms; Dolls and Mails, I choose Mails. I walk into the stall and I see the picture to the left. "Wait, am I in the right bathroom?" I walk out of the stall and see a urinal, I then open the door and see a picture of a guy on the door. "I guess, I'm in the right bathroom," so I go head and do my business. Do you know how hard it is to have a punch of model type guys staring at you while you go? I know it's a bead store, but come on, husbands are forced to go there so much, they have a couch for us. Why not put a few women on the wall to balance it out. I don't want Johnny Depp looking at me while I'm "dropping it on the ones." (that was for you DCZ) Please local bead store, I know you are staffed by all women, but give me a hand here and take down some of the guys, especial the guy with the weird six pack on the left.

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