Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Down Goes America

It now after 10pm and I am trying to finish my package that was shot last week by myself and an intern, the reporter has not seen the video till two hours earlier and I'm havign trouble trying to remember what I shot. I hear a loud gasp then an out break of laughter. "I want to see that again!" Is screamed through out the news room. My first instinct is to run out of my bay and see what is going on. I have to make myself stop and continue on. I know if I stop i will have problems making my time slot. The laughter continues as I struggle to finish, with 10 minutes left I finish and want to see if Boston wants me to make changes. This is my first opportunity to find out what was so funny. "Miss America fell on her ass!"

NBC is showing the Miss Universe Pagent and while walking down the isle Miss America stepped on her dress and landed on her backside. I hate to say it, but it was funny has hell. These women are suppose to be the opitamy of grace and falling is the least graceful thing you can do, I should know I fall down enough to know. As I grab Boston the news room is a buzz over what question she will be asked. "I hope it's what in your life would you change." Announces the desk girl. Slater from Saved By the Bell pulls the number of the judge Tony Romo and he asks "What in your life would you change." She gives her stock answer and the news room turns on her. We all wanted her to acknowlege the fact she fell. The concensus was to mention I'd like to change what happened five minutes ago, get a laugh and then give your stock answer about Oprah. Needless to say she finished fifth and we blamed the fall and the answer.

Now in my world here is how her the question section would have gone.

Tony Romo: "What moment would you change in your life?"

Knowing the padgent was not hers

Miss America: Well, with seconds remaining in the NFC Wildcard game I would not fumble the hold on a field goal that would have won the game. You know how it feels to fall down in front of millions of people Tony.

Then grabbing a chair and wacking Miss Japan in the head. I need to stop with the wrestling comments within my post.

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Levy said...

I just saw the "highlight." Freakin' hilarious.