Sunday, August 06, 2006

Riding a bike is just like riding a bike

The Wife has been wanting a bike for about two years now. She has asked at Christmas, birthdays, other peoples birthdays, Guy Fawkes Day. So we finally found one pretty cheap and I had already picked up my old bike from my parents house (is this fore shadowing?). So this Saturday morning we get up a little earlier than normal and get ready for a nice bike ride. So we get them outside and take a few quick pictures then we were on our way.

It was pretty fun at first, but I should also mention that we both have not been on a bike since the the year were in the 199?s. Not too long into the ride we started to get a little tired and need a break. I know I don't have the best endurance, but I know I can ride long than 15 minutes. We drink our water and start riding again. After about 2 miles we decide to go to her parents house. and start that way.

I'm really getting tired and my legs started to burn and I was not able to go as far on each push of the peddle. That's when I figured out that my tire was going flat. I guess sitting in my parents garage for 7 years were not the best thing for the inner tubes. We had to keep stopping and I luckily bought a portable tire pump. So while we were resting I'm pumping the tires and I never really got to rest.

We made it to their housing development and we were met by two large hills. My tires were deflated again and I decided to walk up both hills. After the lovely walk we get back on and finally ride into their drive way. We are met by her dad and he can tell by the sweat stained shirt that I may have over done it a little. After downing three bottles of water we get ask her dad to drive us back to our house. I felt bad doing that, but I would have not made it to the end of the street. So we load the bikes in the back with The Wife and we reset the Odometer to see how far we rode. We reached the house and found out we rode over 6 miles! I think that is pretty good for two out of shape people with one back that had a bad tires.


Schattenjager said...

Oh man, Did you have to link to Wikipedia?! Once it took me there I was forced to browse around for several hours. Guy Fawkes, to V- for Vendetta, Bon Fire night, Ireland.... YOu know how it goes.

FYI- Guy Fawkes night is November 5th. And it looks like a great excuse to build a fire.

"Chicken Soup for the Loser's Soul" said...

You should have bought a tandem bike. I would buy one but only insane people ride tandem bikes alone.