Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Somewhere Levy is Salavating

Today started out like any other day. I feel to lazy to do anything and The Wife has the day off so she feels the same. Then out of the blue I hear "I'm hungry, you know what I want for lunch? It begins with a C." The Wife was wanting Chipotle, if you are not familiar with Chipotle, it is a Mexican Burrito joint that is in one word... AWESOME. In Ohio you could not throw a rock without hitting a Chipotle. In Raleigh, not so much. There is only one and it is a 35 minute drive, and I'm sorry that is 5 minutes too far for a burrito. As fate would have it a new store opened up, and it is only 15 minutes away!

We head that way and upon arriving we see a line out the door. No big deal it is lunch time and Chioptle lines move fast. As we enter we see a manager, "Have you been to Chipotle before." We exclaim that we have and love the place. "We great, you won't need a menu and enjoy your free burrito." DID HE SAY FREE BURRITO? We ask the guy in front of us and it's their grand opening and everything is free. HELL YEAH! I'M GETTING MY BURRITO ON! We get to the front I order my usual burrito, and The Wife gets her burrito bol, that's when my favorite moment happens, well after finding out that the burritos are free. "I'm guessing the Guac is free?" Ask The Wife. "Yes it is, would you like some?" I thought The Wife was going to jump up and down and scream. I'm surprised she didn't ask for a second bowl of nothing but guacamole.

This may sound sad, but I think this will have to go down as one of the greatest 5 moments in my life:

  1. Getting married (had to say that)
  2. Getting 25 free burritos for The Network
  3. Having Coco Crisp interview me as if I was a ball player for the Indians
  4. Defeating the Deadites.*
  5. Getting a free burrito

It may be sad that I have two things from Chipotle in my top 5, but it's FREE BURRITOS! On our way our we hear the manager say they will be giving away free burritos from 5-7 tonight. Well there does all the hard work I've done on loosing weight... It's a free burrito, so it's worth it. Also I have a feeling Levy is jumping on a plane to Raleigh right now so I may see him in a few hours.

*May have happened in Bruce Campbell verses The Army of Darkness.


levy said...

Mmmmmm.... free Chipotle :)

mcriffle said...

I had it last night and I paid for it. You are lucky! I would fly to get it!

Schattenjager said...

I think your top 5 list needs to be amended. And the moment I'm thinking of does have background music. "Ohh Its another day for a White Wedding!"