Saturday, December 22, 2007

1/2 of the Trip

Well, so far we have survived and have made it to Ironton, which means I have access to the Internet. I know, I go to Columbus no access, I go to a small river town that has a tenth of the population and I have Internet... go figure. So far we have had a good trip, we left Raleigh at 9:30 on Wednesday night and made it to Beckley, WVa at 1:30am. That was a little rough considering my last assignment was to drive to Durham for an accident forcing me to be get off late.

We got up the next morning and we had a weird substance on our car it was white and cold, I think the locals called it snow. The Wife was happy to see it, I was not, I was afraid that the roads would be bad. It was just a light dusting and the roads were fine. We made it to Columbus and The Wife forgot that Ohio is gray for half the year. We have been spoiled with days where we actually get to see the sky.

While in Columbus we didn't get to see very many people, unfortunately, we only get two days per city and most of that was spent with family. It was a good trip none the less, we got out national title tickets and a few other presents. The Wife got a new coat, for some reason she gave her old one away. Then I got the awesomest present of all times a new garden gnome! He's all decked out in OSU gear, so that's cool. I may try and find a BGSU so I can have a set. I've decided that since he is so awesome he is going to be a traveling gnome (traveling so I don't get sued by travelosity). We are going to take pictures of him all over the place and I may create another blog for him. It'll just be pictures so I don't have to be that creative.

The one thing that I did not enjoy was the trip to Easton Mall, The Wife set up a dinner with a friend and they picked California Pizza inside the mall. I hate malls and I hate Easton this time of year. It took longer to get into a parking space than it took to get to the mall. It was just people everywhere. Stupid mall traffic.

In a few days I'll do an Ironton post after we see a couple of people and the new things that are in town and the fact the high school is gone.

*due to internet connection I will have to wait and do the pictures later.


mcriffle said...

You were in Columbus and you did not call me! That's cool, I was in Dayton this week anyway. I wish you and the wife happy holidays!

J Dog said...

Thanks Micah, we didn't have a lot of time, I didn't even get a chance to call Mike T