Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Random Music

I'm not a fan of the back-to-back random posts, but I kind of need to, this will be the last post for a few days. We are travelling back to Ohio and the earliest I may get to the Internet will be Friday. I also had a few musical things happen over the last few days and and I want to get them off my chest.
Can't Live Without
OK I mentioned my MP3 player in my last post, but this weekend it saved some lives. I had to do the weekend over night editing, I'm not a fan of having to go to work at 2AM so I usually am a little grumpy. I went to my bay turned the TV on to a station that did not have infomercials and put on the MP3 player. It stayed on till about 9AM, but after a one hour break I turned it back on for the drive home. I had been up for about 28 hours at that point so I went to bed, with the MP3 player going to drown out noise from the outside world. By the time I woke up I'd had the player on for 14 hours that day.

Sunday was the bad day, the associate producer was doing the show and she's not that bad, just young and new. I caught up to here a couple of times and that made the day go real long. I just kept to myself and listened to the sweet sounds playing from the set of small speakers. The MP3 player was on for another 8 hours. I love that little 2GB device, you saved me from going insane over the weekend.

What Am I Listening To?
I have never really liked country music, I'm not for sure why, but I've never liked the sound. I think it has something to do with the area where I grew up, it seemed like everyone listened to country and maybe it was my way of revolting, or it's the fact that I hate the twang in the singing. I will admit I do like the O Brother, Where Art Thou sound track and I like Johnny Cash, but that's pretty much it.
A few years ago while working in West Virginia, I had a reporter who kept trying to get me into country. The one band he kept pushing was Nickel Creek, a trio from southern California. It was OK, but I wasn't interested. I guess over the years, I have softened and come to find out, Nickel Creek is pretty good. The big thing for me is they don't sound "country," that fake twang added to a pop song it make it country. They have a more O Brother sound, but at the same time they add a little jazz sound and some rock. They actually covered songs by Pavement and Bob Dylan. I don't know many bands that would pull that off. So I have a new band to listen to, The Wife is shocked at this and I will still say "I don't like country music, well except for O Brother, Johnny Cash and Nickel Creek."

Black Hole
I was joking on the last post about Raleigh being a radio black hole. Well, I forgot about my home town. Wilson mentioned he bought Sirius Radio and loves listening to the 90s rock station. He mentioned that he is hearing songs that he had never heard of, the reason, we never heard them in southern Ohio. We didn't have a good radio station. They would play average songs that were popular everywhere and nothing else, add in some bad radio banter from a horrible DJ and lots of commercials. I know radio is a business, but how bad is it when good music is not allowed to the masses. Maybe if you played more music you would get more listeners, no one cares about the DJs play some good music.

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