Saturday, December 29, 2007

Finally theChristmas Trip Wrap

Christmas has come and come and everything has settled down, well almost, we still have the bowl game trip next weekend and Kim the sister in law is coming the weekend after that. To think about it, this is just the calm before the storm... CRAP!

Well, the trip was a good one, we only got to see about half of the people we wanted. Most were in Columbus and it's hard to see people because we were there during the week. The biggest thing I learned on this trip is the differences on how we act while in Columbus and Ironton. In Columbus we are always moving and if feels like we never stop moving. In Ironton we hardly did anything. Examples, Thursday in Columbus;I worked on a church project, drove to see Kim the sister in law in Hillard, saw a friend of The Wife because she was selling candles, met more of her friends for dinner, met my sister for desert and finally made it back to her parents house at 11. Saturday in Ironton; took some pictures of the town, met Tiffany for a couple of hours, helped The Dad put in a new dryer and ate dinner. It's just different areas and how things are done. It always amazes me that when in Ironton I can sit there and do nothing and enjoy it, but I always have to be moving in Columbus.

The Wife and I had a good Christmas over all, she liked all her gifts (a pearl necklace and a jewelry box) and I enjoyed mine (Brian Piccolo rookie card and the Simpsons Movie), we also did get the BCS Championship tickets and we are also still going to Mobile for the GMAC Bowl. We are in the second level of the end zone in the Superdome and we will be dead center 13 rows up in the west end zone with a Bowling Green flag.
Also I have made a gnome blog, I've called it Gnomadic Gnome. I've got enough pictures to get me to the bowl games and the bowl games will get me till February.

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dcz said...

Ironton sounds better and better each time I hear about it.