Monday, December 31, 2007


I love to go and watch movies, but for a few months I haven't been able to go and watch, mixture of timing, crappy movies and money. Somehow over the holiday I got to see two movies and both were pretty good:

I Am Legend
I was not 100% wanting to see this movie, as most of you know I am not a fan of horror movies or anything that involves strange creatures that can jump out and make the audience jump. Yet, I wanted to see if Will Smith could pull off a movie on his own. In all honesty he did a pretty good job, for me the bench mark for a solo performance in a movie is Cast Away. Tom Hank's made me almost cry for a beach ball. I always thought he was the only actor who could pull off a movie where he is, well 90% of the movie. Will Smith, might make that list of actors who can pull of a movie solo. There is a touching moment that made everyone in the theater cry, all I will say it is like Wilson from Cast Away. I'd recommend seeing I Am Legend, be prepared to jump and if you don't like weird zombie type things, you may not like it. I'd give it a B

National Treasure: Book of Secrets
The Wife really liked the first one and it has grown on me the 80 trillion times it has been shown on USA. The premise is the Gates family name has been connected to the Lincoln assassination because of a piece of a diary. Ben Gates (Nick Cage) goes on a search to clear his family name and then finds himself on a quest to find the "City of Gold." The movie is over the top and full of little coincident that form a bigger picture that lead to treasure. Everything is a leap of faith and if you are watching this movie, then you know that you need to suspend reality and go with it.

The best part of the movie was not actually the movie. It was the Goofy short shown before the movie. I love the old Goofy shorts where Goofy tries to show you how to do something; like playing football, cooking, general things that are not that hard, but Goofy can't do it and makes a mess of it. This short was Goofy learning about HDTV. It was GREAT! They had a electronic store called Buy Stuff, which NO WAY looked like Best Buy. He buys the largest TV in the store, everything needed and tries to hook up the TV and surround sound. I hope Disney does more of these shorts in the future. Half the time they are better than the movie.

OK Back to National Treasure, besides the leap of faiths it was an OK movie and I enjoyed it. Was it great, well no, but I think this sequel was better than the original, except for one thing. They made it clear that there will be a sequel. I hate this more than anything else. I'm tired of the sequel, I understand why they do it, because idiots like me will go because I've seen the first few and must finish the series. We need more creativity in Hollywood, I want something new, not something recycled.

OK what's with all the Lord of the Rings Harry Potter rip offs coming out. I am sick of seeing elves and trolls in movie previews. Every one seems to be the exact same movie with a different cast. Someone finds a secret land and they have to save it. Out of the eight previews I think there were 4 movies just like the one I mentioned. maybe I need to give up hope for the movie industry.

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Murf said...

Happy New Year!!!

Trip to Ironton was successful.

Not sure if I am glad to be back or not. I need to know if you have the rr or insight mail accounts. I can write you there. Morgan, Skittles, and I would love to have you visit. All it would cost the gnome is the gas down and back. Humitity is NOT all that bad. I have a couple of connections to T.V. stations down here, if anchors count. Tampa is the third largest market. I am praying for an OSU win.
Many bad days will follow if they don't win.Say "Hello" to the wife.

Murf & M3