Tuesday, February 13, 2007

100th post spectacular!

It has taken me 9 months and 6 days but I am now writing me 100th post. Start the ticker tape parade, cue the monkey marching band and lets celebrate. I know of only one way to do this, I'll give you a summary of my previous 99 post in an easy to digest kind of way also know as Top 5.

Top 5 Most Post Subject
  1. The Wife, She is mentioned in almost every post.
  2. Football (11), I gave a weekly recap of every game I had to shoot and also included a couple of BG games and Ohio State debacle recap
  3. Vesuvius (6), Twice a was a guest writer for the Vesuvius Times and The Wife and I spent a four day vacation at this lovely little lake outside my home town of Ironton.
  4. Wilson (5), Seriously I am not gay for him. He just is brought up a lot.
  5. Work (5), How was this not brought up more often than five times.
  6. Lost (5), The greatest and most frustrating show in the history of American television. Damn you Island and your cast aways... wait am I thinking of Gilligan or Hurley.
Top 5 Most Commented Posts
  1. Movie Watching (6), Wow I though there some of you were going to come after me with pitch forks and fire after my comments on Christmas Vacation and Little Miss Sunshine
  2. True Meaning of Christmas (6), I thought I might get some religious people attacking me, but it was more about Mortal Kombat
  3. Bachelor Party (4), I guess people like stories about me being whipped by strippers
  4. I'm Not Dead Yet (4), Gumption yo, Gumption
  5. Person of the Year (4), We are all winners
Top 5 Personal Favorites
  1. True Meaning of Christmas, Just complete silliness derived from lack of sleep and an over active imagination
  2. Thursday: What Happened, Classic Wilson and I, Drinking and pictures being taken
  3. I've Fallen, It was quick, but it conveyed what happened and it was slightly entertaining. The only thing I wish I would have done was take a picture of my toe.
  4. Booger Mountain, That picture still makes me laugh
  5. What I think Happens in This Store, I love talking with a lateral lisp.


dcz said...

Happy 100th!

I am currently on post number 233.

Can you tell that I'm alone? Terribly, terribly alone.

On the other hand, Hannibal Rising is a pretty good movie. My uncle let me take him to see it for MY birthday.

King Tom said...


We should get Tull (with flute) to play at the celebration extravaganza! (Or at least some band with a key-tar).

newsdude15 said...

Hey..I'm trying the blogging thing...give it a look. As you know I will have to be careful about what and who I say things about, but maybe you'll still have a place to check into back home.

Bob D

J Dog said...

1. I saw Hannibal as well, I was not a big fan. I wanted more of the post where the movie ended till Red Dragon began.

2. Tull would ROCK! AQUA LUNG!

3. Awesome Bob, I'll be checking it out soon!

christi said...

J-Dog.... so that's what happened at your bachelor party!!!!!!!!! The boy wouldnt tell me. Some one must have way too much time on their hands to post 100 blogs. It will cost you much chocolate not to let the "others" know about your blog. You know who I mean