Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What Did I Do?

Today I had to do a story about Hillsboro St in Raleigh and how the city wants to revamp the street to make it more attractive. Over all I was all for it, except the original plan was to have 11 turnabouts in I believe a two mile span. If you do not know what those are they are interceptions with out corners. You have to drive around in a circle until you need to leave the circle. Truthfully I hate turnabouts, it always seem that someone has no idea when to merge or when to leave and I always feel I'm going to be hit. I digress about my story of the day.

The real reason I blogging is after my live shot, my reporter and I pack up the truck and were getting ready to go pull out of the parking lot when a lady walks up and wants me to stop. The reporter rolls down his window and the lady lets us have it. She starts yelling about parking and making it easier for the college students at NC State to get to class, how city council "has its head up its ass," "It's not about the capital" and finally a rant about community. She even talked about panhandlers, pimps, and prostitutes. Truthfully I almost laughed when she said pimps. It was just funny.

My question is why get worked up, get your dog on his lease leave your house and find the news crew and yell at us? We can't do anything about the street issue. I know a lot of stations make comments like "We get things done for you," but that is usual the investigative team not the normal news team that has to show both sides of the story. If you are so worked up do go after the news crew, call a council person, the lady who wants these turnabouts anyone, but don't yell at us. We just tell the news.

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