Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cheech Island

I'm a little off with my writing tonight so I'm going to skip my analysis and go straight to the points.
  • You got me writers, I freaked out that the local ABC had moved Lost for a after school special.
  • Cheech is Hurley's dad? Did not see that one coming.
  • Best Sawyer moment of the year 1 and 2: teaching Jin the three things every guy needs to know and calling Roger Skeletor!
  • what the hell is with Sally and Micheal, are they part of the cast? Or are they just filler characters while everyone is split up on the island.
  • Eko is dead, but he is still helping.
  • Vincent is alive! What's with him and finding dead things. I know he's a retriever, but this is getting ridiculous
  • FINALLY! Someone tells Russo her daughter is alive.
  • I know reporters like the one in Hurley's flashback, wasn't too upset she died, but come on let the photographer live man! He didn't do anything. Also she must have been working at The Network because she was doing a look live.
  • I guess the writers of Lost watched Little Miss Sunshine during the break.
  • Finally, looks like we get to find out more about Patches O'Houlihan next week... I'm very excited.


mcriff said...

I agree, let the photographer live. Although, that reporter was definately over the top.

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