Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I've fallen and I can't go to work!

Since my last post I've gotten married, had a honeymoon and I think my wife is trying to kill me, or that's what I like telling people. This past Sunday we started to put things away. We had just finished the kitchen and I asked. "What should I do now?" She tells me to go upstairs and get the laundry. I go up grab the basket and start down the stairs. Well she had put a freezer pack on the from our Pyrex carrier. I did not see said freezer pack so I stepped on it with my right foot, which led to my left foot being pulled behind me. I ripped open my big toe and hurt my knee. Luckily my knee was OK. But the toe has seen better days. It has finally stopped swelling and now is starting to bruise. It hurts like hell and I can't walk very well so I get a few more days off work. Normally that's great, but I am getting bored! I can't go out because, well it hurts to walk. So I'm in the house watching movies and trying to clean a little. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I can go out and see the world.

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DCZ said...

Do stick-figures have toes?