Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm not dead yet

As I sit here and type I notice "Hey it's been a while since I posted." I'm not giving up, I actually had a year ender for 2006, but I never finished it, plus we had a late Christmas trip to Ohio from the 3rd till the 8th. I was going to post about that. I've not really been busy, I've just not wanted to go onto the computer. So I'll do a Totally Random post of things that have been going on and hopefully I'll get the "gumption" to start posting again.

2006 in Review
Here is the fastest summary for 2006 that I can think of.
  • The Wife got fired
  • We had financial problems
  • We got married
  • Had a great honeymoon
  • I hated my job
  • Had money problems
  • Found a new job
  • Doing better with money
That's it in eight lines. I know, not that exciting. All the cool stuff that happened were technically filler.

We drive 1400 miles and all we got was this lousy post.
Well we decided to visit our families for a belated Christmas for what we thought would be a wonderful trip. We see family we laugh we hug you know the vision that was racing trough our heads. We that was not what we got. The best part of the trip was the Howard Johnson hotel in Beckley we stayed at. My family was fine, but it was too short.

With her family if felt cold and we left hurt and 160 dollars less. We have been fighting over money. Our former condo was owned by The Wife's parents, so for some stupid reason it was decided that all the bills would be routed through them. So they tell The Wife we owe them 215 dollars. Never mix money and family, it is never good. I will always remember two things about them 1. when The Wife was fired they would not let her pay less on rent. I know rent is rent, but this is your daughter and she needed your help and you forced us to borrow money to pay you. 2. A cold Christmas that we owed you money.

Also I got to meet my new nephew Carson, but was only allowed to see him from a distance and I could only look at him if I used Purrell on my eyes, cause I might give him some kind of germs. I kid about the Purrell, but not about getting near him. The Wife, who deals with kids all the time almost didn't get to hold him. She is very self absorbed person and I've had problems with the way she has treated The Wife. I could not leave Columbus fast enough.

Then we went to see The Wife's biological family and well, half was fine as usual the other half was well their usual Jerry Springer-esque.

I never want to drive that much for that much pain again.

O-H-i-OH NO!
We drive back as fast as we can to watch the National championship game between Ohio State and Florida. Why did we do that? It was an ugly awful game that I could have done without. Not only did Ohio State get slaughtered, they kept showing video of BG play OSU and it wasn't pretty. Then they kept mentioning Urban Liar coached at BG, well you know what, I don't care! He lied to our program, left, then insulted us by saying we were second rate. You can chock on your large trophy Urban. Oh if you ever read this remember you never won us a conference title and never took us to a bowl game, you fell short EVERY TIME! You failed here!

A New Year a new J DOG
One the drive from hell the wife was reading an Oprah magazine and saw an article about how Oprah lost weight and her trainer has a new book out. So she is on a weight loss kick, which makes me now on a weight loss kick. I'm actually attempting to do this. The last two days I have walked almost two hours on the tread mill and I am going to try to go to the driving range tomorrow. I know the driving range isn't the greatest exercise, but it's better than nothing. Every week I need to do at least 30 minutes 3 days a week. So I'm going to try to post the days I work out, if it's the tread mill I'll post the time and the supposed calories I have worked off. I want you guys to get on me if I'm not posting about this. I want to lose at least 30 pounds this year. I want more than that, but I'll take 30.

Trying something new.
I've been wanting to try a new idea, but I've been too lazy to do it. I call this new addition "An Open Letter." Basically write a letter to someone or thing like radio in the triangle area and tell them what I thing of them. Hopefully this will be more successful than the Vesuvius Times.


Adam said...

What? Are you dissin the VT?

J Dog said...

Not dissin' I only did one last year. i may try again, but I'm not getting my hopes up. They take a lot of time and effort, but there may be one or two special additions

dcz said...

If you need any extra gumption, I think I have have some in the car. I'll mail it to you.

J Dog said...

I was also thinking about going to my favorite Cajun place for some gumption. They use a lot of shrimp.