Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Era for J-Dog

I think for the most part I am fairly knowledgeable of new technology. I am the first to buy, no because I can't afford it, but I know it's out there. There is one area though that I never really cared for and for the most part saw no need, that would be texting.

Monday night I got my relocation expense checks and JDOG-17 has an employee discount with Verizon. We have hated our plan with Sprint for as long as we had it. It's not quite up yet, but we found Cell Trade USA and are trying to pawn it off on someone else. Back to the point, we head to the Verizon island in our local mall and start the process of a new plan. It's a good deal, but the best part was we both got free Razr phones. To be honest, I could care less about what type of cell phone I have. I was actually looking at the lower end camera phones not expecting free mid-range phones.

My old phone was over three years old and was created with texting in mind, but it was very difficult to use. You had to access the web (pay a fee per page), click on mail, wait for the page to load, click on send message, wait for that page to load, finally type a message, scroll down and send, wait for it to send and finally you are done. On average it would take about two minutes per text. We get the plan and find out that the billing cycle ends 36 hours after we start our plan and we had 1400 minutes (total) and 250 texts (each) to use. I decide to send my new number via text to everyone's cell phone. I never stopped texting. It was so much easier, I'm still learning the keys so I'm still slow. Over all, I sent out 90 texts in one day. I don't think Ill ever do that much in one day, but it's a new way I can stay in touch with everyone.


Anonymous said...

I got out of my Verizon Wireless Contract using a few months back with success :-)

I`m a celltrade fan for life...

I plan on using celltrade again when the iphone comes out !!!!

Good luck !

Blitz Krieg said...

Our company switched from Verizon to Cincinnati Bell. The phones offered and the service both suck.

dcz said...

I just recently learned that my next phone bill is going to be 190.00 That sucks. When asked why, the answer I got was "conversion charges from my old phone to my new phone, charges for changing my plan, usage fees, one-time activation fee, yadda yadda yadda." All the things that my friendly Sprint rep forgot to tell me when he was giving me this "great deal." And after this next bill, my future bills have jumped back up to around $80 a month from the $55 I have been paying. I now have the Samsung A900 which a a nice, new slim phone, but damn.

I hate Sprint.

By the way, I was TOLD at the store, by the manager, that my bill would stay right around 55. That, apparently, was a blatant lie.

AaronG said...


Now that you have a razr and if you have iTunes, you don't have to pay for Ringtones. Here's a brief example I found out and posted about. I'm telling you, it's cool.

J Dog said...

WHAT? That looks awesome aarong! I'm going to have to try this!

AaronG said...

If you need help let me know.

Basically, right click on the song in iTunes you want. Go to Get Info. Under options you see Start Time's and End Time's. Make the times correspond to the part of the song you want for a ring tone: 10-20 seconds is a perfect length.

Under ITunes preferences go to advanced and under options make sure it's set to convert to MP3. Then with the song still selected, go to the advanced menu and convert it to an MP3. It creates the 20 second clip right there, same song title too.

Then link your computer and your phone via bluetooth (varies by phones and computers). Once they're linked, however you send the file to your phone, select the song you've edited down and send it to your phone. Then make it the ring tone ID for a person.

It's honestly not that tricky. Though it may vary on the type of computer you have. I have a Mac and it worked very easily.