Friday, February 23, 2007

Radio Fan Frenzy

If you have not been to the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill Triangle thingie let me warm you about the radio here. If you love country then you have the greatest variety with the seven plus stations. I at one point created a theory that stated: "Any where you go you will find three on your radio dial Country, Christian (Either music or some guy yelling about how you are going to hell) or Classic Rock." Raleigh has proven me wrong. They don't have the definitive classic rock station, but they have four of those semi classic rock stations that will throw in some Disturbed and Crossfade to appeal to younger listeners. Then you have about4 crappy pop stations that play the same 9 songs. I know what you are saying "Every where you have those." Not like this, I've talked to people who love pop music and call the stations here horrible. On the FM side the only thing I can stomach for more than two songs is the Jazz station, which is actually pretty good, but I have to be in a certain mood for jazz.

What leads me to post tonight is when I need a break from the MP3 player I am forced to turn over to the AM side and listen to sports talk. You have two choices, which is one more than Columbus, 850 The Buzz and 620 The Bull. The local guys make me yearn for college DJs or Chris Spielman, I never thought I'd wish for someone with the talent(less) skills of Spielman, Ugh. The regional guys are not bad, I 'm starting to like Primetime With Packman. Finally you have the national Guys, I love listening to The V Show with Bobby Valvano when I go to work at 2:ooAM on the weekends. Then you have Jim Rome, Rome is Rome, he is not bad at times, but then he lets the "clones" rant about anything and then they take swipes at each other. I usually go back to the MP3 player for that.

I know this is the third paragraph, but here is my point to this post. The local callers to either the local guys or the l guys are freaking insane! It's all ACC basketball all the time. I know I live in the heart of it with UNC, Duke and NC State, but damn! Caller after call ranting about how they hate Duke, then the next guy attacks the previous call and says he hates UNC, then someone will attack both and yell go wolf pack! For the Ohio crowd here is the best analogy I can create. Imagine Spielman on Sports and you have within the listening range; Ohio State in Columbus, Michigan in Westerville (I know, I know, Michigan is a state and most OSU fans will fall over into the fetal position with that thought, but follow me here) and someone like Wisconsin in Dublin. Two solid teams in multiple sports and then a second one who may not be great, but has a solid fan base.

So you have all this team loyalty in an area and it just explodes onto the radio. Then they let the callers ramble on forever, normally callers will get a quick comment in and then maybe a rebuttal to what the host says, but here I've heard calls last for 5-10 minutes and not really say anything interesting or just how they hate another team. I'm wishing college basketball was over, but I know the madness will not end. Then I'll have to listen to talk about college baseball and NASCAR till it's time for football. Which should be interesting with three of the crappiest teams in the country, what will call in guy have to say then. "Well UNC only lost by 15 to Wake Forest so that means we are better than NC State who lost by 17 and Duke who lost by 40.

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