Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lost on an Island

It's been a while since I have posted about Lost. To be honest my last post was on November 1st, I still lived in Ohio and Dinosaurs roamed the world, well maybe not the last one but it's been a while. Still in that time frame there has been a total of three new episodes. Yes in three months three episodes. I missed the last one in November involving Kate, I bought it from iTunes, but my computer is old and iTunes hates anything not named iPod so my video MP3 play will not play that episode (Flips off MAC, sorry Levy). Then there was a new one last week and then this weeks episode.

Due to Valentine's Day I DRVed the episode, or at least tried to. The Wife and I watched a movie and I noticed at 10:05 that it had not started and screamed like a little girl and fumbled the remote till I found ABC. I flipped over and hit record, so I missed a little bit. From what I gathered, everyone on the island except Hurley, Claire, Charlie and Desmond have died, how I do not know.

I loved this episode and has King Tom put it. "I thought tonight’s episode was great. I don’t want to see them do these all-off-island episodes..." The flashback or as I'm going to call it flash sideways was a fantastic. Was Desmond hallucinating or did this actually happen? Plus it goes into fate and made me think how much do we actually control in our lives, is everything preordained or can we actually change our surroundings. Now to the quick thoughts and comments.
  • When did Charlie and Claire get back together? Seriously, I thought she would still be made about the abduction, baptism thing. Did I miss something in "I Do" or was that a fly over that I'm not suppose to notice.
  • I still miss Eko.
  • I loved all the little connections to the island within Desmond's flashback, the clock reading 1:08, the microwave(Who's microwave makes that noise?),package 815, the song, Charlie and I probably forgot and missed something else.
  • The little old lady was freaking me out. I never could figure her out. Was she part of the reality or just Desmond's mind. Maybe she was God. I don't know, I almost want her back in more episodes.
  • Man is Penny's dad a dick or what! "You are no better than this drink of Whiskey."
  • Sooooooo, they are going to kill of the hobbit? I'll be honest, I kind of like Charlie. I feel they made the character a little one dimensional at times, but look at some of his highlights in the series. Hallucination episode was great, Almost died by hanging, he attacked Sun, shot Ethan, and finally he gave us the term "Jesus stick." If the writers could get back to the old days with Charlie he might actually be great again. Till then he and Hurley will be sidekicks for the show.
  • From the previews for next we will be "have answers," but I think we have heard this before. As we say in the news business I'll believe it when I see it.

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