Sunday, February 18, 2007

More Reasons Why I'm Glad I Moved

This picture is what Columbus looked like last week. I get cold just looking at it. 8 inches of snow and then add an ice storm and what do you have? Crappy Ohio winters. If I still worked for the network I'd be outside freezing, hating life and forced to hear reporters say, "Don't go outside, it's too cold and the roads are bad." Yet we would be out there. I hate that mentality from producers "Hey it's too cold for people to be outside, go out there and show people. I'll be in a warm control room glad I am not out there, I also need a hit every ten minutes so you can't get warm." I know it's part of the job, but I'm a photographer and that what we do best, shoot and complain.

Now the picture to the right is what it looked like at Fried Chicken Drive today. For those of you in Ohio that blue stuff is a thing called the sky. I know, it's not gray, freaky isn't it! Comedian Lewis Black has a rant about Boston Weather, but it applies to Ohio:
Normally, in February, in Boston and in most of the country, the weather is gray, rainy, gray, sleet, gray, rain, gray, sleet, snow, gray; every day it just gets grayer and grayer and grayer! You wake up one day, and you go, 'I'm not comin' into work today!' Your boss goes, 'Why not? You sick?' 'No! It's too gray!' - Then you wake up and it's the grayest day you've ever seen! And the next day, it's even grayer! And that's usually Valentine's Day, and that's the day you look at your wrists and go, 'Hey, maybe I should slit 'em to see color!'

So when we moved here and 5 out of 10 days we see a blue sky with sunshine it makes it worth it. Not only that, today it was so warm that I went to the driving range and I got warm enough to take off my long sleeve shirt. This Thursday (my Saturday) it's suppose to be 63! If that would happen in Ohio, it would mean the glaciers have melted and Stuebenville would be beach front property. I know I'm going to have to deal with very hot summers and hurricanes, but 60 degrees in February... I'll take it.


Schattenjager said...

Aww man, I love the snow. You are missing out on alot of good sleigh riding.
Oh and this summer when its so hot on Fried Chicken Drive that you are deep frying in your grease I don't want to hear it. I'm not getting anywhere near where you live in the hot months.
Perhaps you will see me in March.

J Dog said...

So March and October will be SChattenjager months.

Schattenjager said...

Yes and those 2 months shall from hence forth be state holidays.

J Dog said...

Oddly enough there is a day of drinking in March and October has Oktoberfest so we can just rename it OktWilsontoberfest so that works.