Saturday, February 24, 2007

Random Hits

I can't pick one issue today so today I'll give you a potpourri of topics.

The First Wendy's
Dave Thomas is rolling over in his grave as the first Wendy's restaurant is going to close. The store is located in downtown Columbus and I have eaten there. I will admit the parking is awful and may not be the greatest location, but it's the first one. I also understand that ever since COSI moved business for the first story pretty much dried out. Why not make it a landmark and museum instead of just closing it down. This is what Bob Evan's has done, I know Bob Evan's is on Mr Evan's country farm, but come on, this place gave us the Frostie, a girl with red hair and a blue and white striped dress and the square hamburger which you can make into a triple.

A little Chippy
At the beginning of the month I chipped my tooth pretty good. I will admit this I am a finger nail bitter and while doing this nasty habit i noticed something was wrong and then I cut my lip. I had taken out a large chip on my front tooth. It was not as bad as the one to the left but still bad. The earliest appointment I could find was this past Thursday. I go in he looks at it and was going to file it down a little till they can get me in to fill it. He begins to scrap and my leg shoots straight into the air and I felt a sharp pain shoot from my tooth to my entire body. "I thought you said it wasn't sensitive?" Asked the dentist. "Umm it didn't hurt till you poked it." Somehow the pain was a good thing because he decided just to do the fill now. He gave me a shot, did some work and BAM! My tooth is done. You can hardly tell it was broken.

Weight Lose
As I have mentioned in the past The Wife and I are trying to loose weight. I'm tired of being "big" and I know I'm going to suffer this summer if I can not drop some of this weight. As of this past Wednesday I have lost 12 pounds since the third week in January. I may have put on a pound since then, but I might get out tomorrow for a little walk, if the rain holds off. 12 down 28 to go.

A new goal for me this year is that I want to read 10 books this year. I know what you might be saying. Only ten, why such a low number? I'll be honest yet again, I am a slow reader. It's not that I don't comprehend what I am reading, but it's more like I read slower and that allows me to comprehend it better. When I pick up my reading tempo I loose a little bit and have to go back and re-read. So far I have finished The Old Ball Game, which is about the two leaders of the the early 1900s New York Giants, if you like baseball give this one a try, a little different read, but still good. Now I am reading Eight Men Out, the story of the fixing of the1919 World Series. I normally don't try to read similar books back to back, but while reading The Old Ball Game it mentioned that Christy Mathewson was one of the people who helped figure out which players were part of the fix. Here are the other books on the list for this year Trojan Odyssey, Brian Piccolo: A Short Season, and Treasure of KHAN!!!!!!!!!. If anyone has a good read let me know. I'm thinking something Civil War related or a classic novel. I've tried Don Quixote three times and can get through it, I liked what I read, but wow that's a long book.


Schattenjager said...

Hey good luck with losing the weight. Lately I have been putting it on. I always thought a "beer Gut" was just a phrase people liked to say. But it seems that having a few pints of Guinness every night at my friends house for the last two weeks is having an effect. Well that and not training for a race right now.

dcz said...

1. Yup. I have went through many a triple in my time. Here's to Dave Thomas for many nights of happiness when I'd go home alone.

2. Teef. Who needs 'em?

3. You're not big, you're "husky." That's sort of like saying "you're not poor. You just don't have any money." As someone who currently looks like he's in his 1st trimester, I can relate.

4. I'm still trying to finish ONE book that I bought back in November. That probably explains a lot.

Blitz Krieg said...

I was surprised they were closing "the" Wendy's. I also have eaten a few pounds of beef there.

I recently read a really good book about the settling of N. Ky and most of Ohio. It was a narrrative by Alan Eckert called The Frontiersmen.

It follows the life of Simon Kenton and if you have lived in Ohio it is really interesting to follow his travels around the state.

Great read. Like your new format.