Sunday, January 14, 2007

What I think happens in this store

(read everything with a lateral lisp.)

Malcolm: So I was using my new optical 3000 and it is sooo awesome! I think it's the greatest Christmas present ever.

Seth: It is pretty sweet.

Malcolm: I mean it's no Keck II but what is.

Seth: I know

Both start laughing

Bobby: Hey guys, I just got the new optical 5001-b.

Malcolm and Seth: Wow!

Bobby Yeah it's so power full I can see into Becky Shoemaker's window

Seth: No you can't.

Malcolm: yeah you have Mrs. Merckle's house in the way. Remember we tried last year.

Bobby: Whatever, this thing is so kick ass that I can, and you can't come over and try it.

Eddie runs in to the store

Eddie: Guess what came in the mail today? The new Hubble photo's of Gama Percious 5!

Others: Awesome!

Malcolm: why are they all sticky?


Adam said...

Ok, this sounds really sad but when I come down we are going to that store!

Anonymous said...

Good to see your back blogging. Still stuck here at the SH with you know who!!!!!! God help me.

Happy New Year!!!


J Dog said...

Wilson: We are so there.

Bob: The network still has an opening. Just kidding, hang in there, remember you have a great benifits package.