Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lost Me With This One

Just finished reading King Tom and he liked tonight's episode of lost. Personally I was not a fan. I've tried to stay away from the message boards and such so the only thing I knew about up coming episodes is from the preview. The preview promised me answers yet the only thing I got was an answer to Jack's tattoo.

I've had conversations with some Lost fans and I mostly hear that they are tired of "the others" and want the story to go back to the passengers. I've been mixed on this, I keep expecting something big to happen with the others and make it all worth while. Instead we get further and further away from answers to questions that are circulating around the show. Why are polar bears on a tropical island, why is there a 4 toed statue, how can the sky turn purple, where is Walt and Michael, why can Locke walk, what the hell is the black mist monster.

Hopefully next week will be better, but it's looking like Charlie and Hurley are going to be playing their continued Laurel and Hardy act. Now onto the quick points.
  • I like the last week replay and finally understood what King Tom meant about Eko only dying yesterday reference.
  • Is anyone going to figure out that Alex is Russo's daughter. I mean come on she looks nothing like Henry, but a hell of a lot like a crazy French woman, she even has her aim!
  • Is Sawyer smarter than Jack because he figured out how to get a biscuit or is Jack smarter because he had food brought to him.
  • Why do I feel like "The Sheriff" is either going to die or create a whole new series of questions that will confuse me even more.
Not a whole lot of thinking for me tonight. I hope this is just like last season and things will pick up again.


levy said...

Hey dude... shoot me an email so I have your email address.... thanks bra....

Blitz Krieg said...

My wife and daughter are still devoted watchers. I gave up, too much others crap.