Friday, January 26, 2007

This Week in Exercise

It's been just over a week and I'm still attempting this exercise thing.

Last Thursday walked 67 minutes on the treadmill (that's the length of three Simpson's episodes) for 3 miles and burned I think 350 calories.

Monday walked 15 minutes on the treadmill .

Tuesday The Wife and I walked around the Falls of Nuese Dam for about 40 minutes and walked just over a mile.

Today (Friday) Walked for and hour and a half around Fried Chicken Dr and surrounding complexes.

I've kind of slacked off a little, the treadmill was getting boring. I hope this next week I can get back on track and get some more walking in.


poutineq said...

Keep up the exercising! It's the sort of thing that will only pay off with visible results after months. It's more of a lifestyle thing.

My other problem is that exercising makes me hungry, causing me to gain weight. If that happens to you, don't stop the walking -- as long as it's not to the ice cream shop or anything.

A few weeks ago, J and I went to the Network to do basketball scores. It turned out that the computer system wasn't set up right for us to enter data, so about all I did was print out the A.P. scores for J.J. Hey, they still paid me. I hear that things might be OK for Friday.

J Dog said...

Count Chocula, J!
Count Chocula,
Count Chocula, J!
Count Chocula

Damn it now I'm hungry