Sunday, January 28, 2007

Big Slice

For years I have tried to take up golf, I even have a set of hand me down clubs from my dad. Ever time I seem to get serious about golf I have a bad injury. back in 2001 I'd been to the driving range for about a year and wanted to go play a few courses and then I had to have knee surgery. While I was in West Virginia I started to get back spasms. Then last year I was in a car wreck and though I might have to have Tommy Johns surgery.

I know it sound suicidal wanting to play this very expensive game (have you looked at the prices for new clubs and how much greens fees are?). So today The Wife and I went to the local driving range and shagged a few balls. Out of 100 or so balls I maybe hit 25 straight and out of that 25, 13 or so went a reasonable distance. If this was baseball I'd be hitting .130 and being sent to the minors. The Wife on the other hit about 20 balls and had 15 go straight and 10 go at least 50 yards; for her first time she did really well. Michelle Wie watch out.

Then on the last ball, I set up took my time and hit a nice straight shot with my driver. It went only 200 yards, I'm going for accuracy not distance, and I got a little smile out of it. That's the way it seems to go with golf, you slice them all day long, but every once in a while you do something right and the ball goes where you want it too.

I'm hoping to stay healthy, because one we still don't have insurance yet, and attempt to
play this summer. I do need some help so Ty Webb if your out there Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah.


Blitz Krieg said...

I used to be pretty good when I was in the Navy and could play all the time because the courses were cheap.

These days I'm up and down more than a cheap hooker. Still, when you make that one great drive, chip or long putt it is the greatest feeling. I just can't quit.

J Dog said...

You said hooker. Wait I don't think that was your point.