Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rock you Like the Hurricanes

One of the greatest perks of my job is the free stuff. I'm not talking about vendor gifts like pens, water coolers and t-shirts, I'm talking access to events. Tonight JDOG-17 needed someone to get post game sounds with the Carolina Hurricanes. I of course enjoy hockey and take them up on a chance to get paid and watch the game, if I am not mistaken this is the dream of most Canadians. I call The Wife and we scheme that she will buy one of the cheap seat tickets and I'll go up and watch it with her. So pretty much all we had to do was pay $20 dollars and we both get in. Faith turned to us and winked while giving us a reach around. One of the sports guys hears me talking to The Wife about our plans and the next thing you know he gives me my parking pass and two media passes. Awesome! I tell The Wife to meet me at the station.

We have done this before and as a way for us to not feel guilty The Wife usually does something menial that will help me in the long run. In the past is has been to write down the time that a basket was scored along with who scored it and what was the score, in wrestling what color scored a point and what time was it. Tonight though I just needed post so she carried the tripod to the media room.

We get down there I unload my gear and the door lady says Ya hungry? It's free the cash lady left." Double awesome bonus! Normally it's seven bucks a piece so we get some BBQ, pasta, and other great food and I tell you what it was great! We head up to the cheap seats find an empty row and enjoy the game.

A few notes form the game:
The Wife asks a question she regretted the second she said it
The Wife: So Toronto are the Leafs.
Me: Yes the Maple Leafs, see it's on their flag. (Pointing to a Canadian flag)
The Wife: Is that their state tree?
Me: (blank stare) Did you just call Canada a state?
The Wife: You know what I mean, I don't know why I called it a state?

I think Carolina is trying to get us adjusted to a new team. They know We went to Columbus Blue Jackets games and we all know that, well, the Jackets suck. So every time that we watch them on TV or go to a game they decider to lose. You can stop this now, we are tired of teams that suck.

I love the fact that they use Rick Flair on the JumboTron. I know he's from North Carolina, but I just laugh ever time I hear Wooooo!

The air horn you have... It's a little loud. especial when the cheap seats sit directly in front of it. I thought an actual hurricane was forming in the arena. I'm also now deaf.

It was a good night out. I love getting paid to do normal things.

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Blitz Krieg said...

I've had many a conversation with my loving wife just like you had with yours. I usually shake my head when we are done to clear it out.