Friday, January 26, 2007

Open Letter: UPS

Dear UPS,

FIND MY HOUSE! We are tired of you not being able to find our house. How hard can it be, the post office can find us. We've tried to have a couple of packages delivered and each time we hear:

UPS: Hello, you gave us the wrong address, there is no Fried Chicken Dr.

Me: Umm yeah there is.

UPS: Are you sure?

Me: Yeah, I'm in side my house on Fried Chicken Drive.

UPS: Give me directions and we will deliver the package tomorrow.

Then it happens the next day, if we are lucky we will get out stuff four days late.

Then came this last round. We don't even get a call. You send us a note to our "unknown address" via the post office. Of course it was post dated four days earlier, The Wife is upset and decides to go pick it up the next day. As she is heading out the door the phone rings, its you calling about how my address is wrong and we go through the conversation above, instead I tell your operator not to worry about sending it, we no long will use UPS. I think I'd rather wait a day longer and send it via the post office and if I needed today I'll go with FedEx, I know it's more expensive, but maybe they can actually find an address.

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