Friday, January 19, 2007


Since I moved her I've heard that a half an inch of snow shuts Raleigh down. I didn't truly believe it till yesterday. The Wife and I woke and wondered if we did get any of the freezing rain that was suppose to hit. We walk to the door and The Wife says. "I wonder if we got snow?" We open the door and we get the picture above. "Oh crap, I wonder if the city shut down."

We turn on the TV and find out that every school in the Triangle area is shut down, accidents abound, and people are buying out grocery stores. All this from a quarter inch of snow. I under stand that there was some ice under the snow, but seriously, a quarter inch brought the city to its knees? I guess this is the price of living in a warmer climate.


AaronG said...

You missed it today...cleveland got like 3 inches of snow and a person who will not be named started snapping at me to "be on top of it". For 3 inches -- maybe -- of snow. In cleveland!

Warmer climate nothing.

J Dog said...


I was afraid JDOG 17 was going to call me in, but it seems that they do not panic as much.