Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oh So Close

Since we have moved to North Carolina we have not had to worry as much about money. For us money is a big issue and causes much strife. This month we worked a lot paid the bills and everything was looking good. We even had money left over to start a savings. Then fate once again turned on us by using out cars. The Wife's Honda suddenly had the check engine light turn on. This occurred back in Ohio and then again in November, but we had it check out, paid a lot of money and thought everything was fine. Well, the catalytic converter needs replaced. There goes all the extra money we saved this month. With no overtime on my up coming check, we will be fine, but we don't have any savings... again. It's a vicious cycle and I want it to change. Hopefully we can keep plugging away and maybe this time we can be more responsible with our money. Probably not, but hey we can at least try.


King Tom said...

Dude...The Civee just had something similar with her car. We took it to a Tuffy, they said the catalytic converter needed to be replaced along with some other things, and the bill would total more than $2K. We took it someplace else, the other place said the manifold was cracked, but the converter was fine. Repairs at the second place are about $600. I think the converter is the hottest ripoff item at garages.

J Dog said...

Probably is, most of the people our age do not know much about cars. How are we to know that the catalitic converter is bad. I truthfully think the converter is bad, I''ve had 5 people tell me it's being going bad, so I'll take $300 instead of the Honda factory parts for $1200

dcz said...

I feel your pain bro. I have an appointment with the IRS in the morning...to find out how much I owe. *sigh*

And yeah, the cat converter is a ripoff.