Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stuck in the Mud Day

For the most part my days in Raleigh have been really good. I've even started to be feel this sensation, it's called ummm let me sound it out... He Hop hoopi hap hap-pi-ness? I guess this is a normal feeling for must, but for the last few years I have not felt this strange emotions. I go to work, I don't feel angry while there, I go home and don't complain about my job and I sleep better.

Today was a little different. I'm working night side to fill in for a lack of photographers and I get called in early to shoot a press conference with the NCSU women's head basketball coach, she had cancer and is cleared to coach again. I head down to campus and I can't find the Murphy Center. I find the athletic office and find out that the Murphy Center is actually at the football stadium 30 minutes away. I get there 20 minutes later and had to confidence the office staff to let me in a back door so I can shot the last few minutes of the press and I get lucky. I get a player, the assistant coach and then a one on one with coach Yow.

From there the day was not too bad. My package was already shot so I just needed to look up some file and shot a stand up close. I finish the package and then I hear something about Johnson County. Come to find out that we had to go to Johnson County and try to find someone to talk to about the death of some teenagers. We start our hour drive and we can't find the access road where this accident happened. We find some kind of small road and decide to take drive down it. To be honest I was not really wanting to drive down this road. It looked to be covered with Carolina clay, and I need to start heeding my own judgement, because as soon as we hit the clay we start to slip and slide and finally get stuck. We try our best to get out, but our best intentions leave us low and muddy.
By this point in time I'm now covered in mud and we have to call multiple people to figure out how we are going to get a tow truck. Luckily, fortune was turning in our favor, a Kenly police officer sees us and stops. He calls the local tow truck guy and helps us out.

After we get pulled out of the mud by a tractor and get him the info so he can get paid and finally get on our way to shoot the memorial and get on our way back to the station. We finally arrive at 11:30, too late for the news, so our efforts are for the most part are not going to be seen. So I got stuck in the mud for mostly nothing.

Still, today was better than most days at The Network.

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AaronG said...

Reminds me of night shooting football games at a WV stadium in the boonies. The game was packed...cars on top of each other so much so that because I was so close to the entrance and parking was so ridiculous I got blocked except for one lane through a very muddy spot of grass. I was the 5th car through it and I got stuck. Had to track some guy down with a truck to tow the car out -- mind you I had to get in and out through the passenger door cause the car had suck down on the driver side into like three feet of mud. So the guys pulling me out with a chain he had in his truck and the chain snaps just as I'm coming free and goes slamming through the back window sending the chain and glass hurtling towards my head. I was fine...couple of scraps.

Point is...you're right -- better than most days at the Network.