Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Other Shoe Dropped

In my life any time something good happens I will always expect something bad to follow. A sort of ying yang thing; karmic justice even. You may think that I am lying but trust me it is true. I might find a great deal on something and find out it was stolen or it breaks two weeks later. Over the last few months I have had an unbridled good luck streak, so here is what has happened over the last few months.

  1. Found a new job.
  2. Was given a great moving bonus.
  3. The Wife has just started her new job here.
  4. We just found a new (and I mean new as in we are the first tenets three bedroom apartment.
  5. We only have to pay a security deposit for the first month.
  6. I get paid this Friday
  7. With in two weeks I get a check that will help with any unusual moving experiences.
So with all this great things happening I was thinking everything was going to be fine. As you hear the ominous music start I get a call from the wife that my car's check engine light is on and it is sputtering every time she accelerates. Oh yeah, and I find out that her car's check engine light is on and is making a grinding noise.

I start to freak out and actually missed a turn and got lost for the first time since I've been here. I regain composure and start to get a plan. We are going to take my car in first for repairs, I think it's just the spark plugs, but it could be the fuel injectors. We fine a car shop and about two hours later I get the news, luckily it is just a broken spark plug. Here is the twist of this story, my brakes were starting to go bad, but now they have to be replaced. So the news went from pretty good to bad again. Luckily the cost is only $550 dollars for 4 new breaks and new spark plugs.

Hopefully I get my moving check soon so we can take her car in a get it running. Stupid karma.

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