Sunday, November 05, 2006

Favorite Season: Playoffs End of an Era Part 1

Pickerington Central 42 Canfield 37 This is my final week shooting high school football. I am a little sad and as my final Marquee Match up boy did I get a doozie. During the first half Pickerington Central just dominated the game. They had a huge run then Chazz Anderson (pictured) threw some nice passes and his receivers ran all over the place. Also Canfield had WAY too many penalties, I think at the end of the game it was about 12. The second half started and it was pretty much the same thing till there was six minutes left in the 3rd quarter. It was 21-7 at that point and then at the start of the 4th it was 42-22. This slowed the tempo of the game down to a crawl. It was very cold and it only got worse.

We shot our intros thinking the game was pretty much over. We thought wrong, Canfield would not die. They converted three out of four on-side kicks and kept the tiger offense off the field. The big side note to this game was Pickerington Central was number 1 in our state power poll and anytime our Marquee guy was at a game where the number 1 team was playing, they lost. So the "Curse of the Chud" looked to be rearing it's ugly head.

I started to shoot the game again and the next thing we know it's 42-30 and Canfield converts another onside kick. I look at a still photog and say "Holy shit, Canfield might win." They score to make it 42-37. By this time the game is nearing the three hour mark. I'm not wearing gloves and my hands are bright red.

Canfield scores again to make it 42-37. Pick C looks to kill the clock and guess what happens. FUMBLE! The curse is alive and looks hungry. Canfield drives and is within striking range of the endzone, but can't convert on a 4th down and the tigers win. The game lasted over three hours and we had to haul tail back to get our highlights on.

So my first Marquee of the year was in the mid-eighties and lasted over three hours, my last Marquee was in the 20s and lasted over three hours. Everything came back full circle

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