Sunday, November 05, 2006

Favorite Season: Post Season End of an Era Part 2

Marion Pleasant 43 Reading 7 These two games are my last games shooting high school football. I may do some in Raleigh, but it will not be the same. I've been doing high school football for six years and I will dearly miss it. In order of things I will miss the most it is number 2 behind friends and family. So how do I go out tonight in style baby! I'm in the chopper! The Network obviously does not have a helicopter but our sister station does and it is a treat for our photographers to go up. I get to the first game and I soak in the atmosphere, well it was a Division V game, so there wasn't a huge amount there, but still enough to get me by. Reading came out firing and scored on the third play by a 76 year screen pass. I'm thinking this might be a good game. Well Pleasant average play drive was this 3 yard run, 4 yard run, 4 yard run, 3 yard pass, 5 yard run, 4 yard run, 1 yard run, 5 yard run, 4 yard run... 3 yard run up the middle for a touchdown. WOW that was numbing and it happened for the entire first half. If it wasn't for the fact that the helicopter can't leave while the game is in progress I would have left 20 minutes earlier, but was forced to stay.

Johnstown 30 Stewart Federal Hocking 0 Because the first game took so long to get to the half we fly in and there is only 3 minutes left in the half. I'm not too discoursed because Johnstown has one of my favorite nicknames the "Johnnies." Two other schools do this in Ohio Smithville Smithies and the Fredricksville Freddies. It's truthfully not very creative, but at the same time ingenious! I get to the field and my third play is a touchdown to make it 23-0. Not much happened after that, I did pick up a good defensive stop and then there was a weird pass that turned out to be a lateral and was returned for a touchdown. It was hard to shoot, most of the team jumped in front of me so I had to go onto the field just to shoot it.

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I have noticed that your blogs are becoming rather bitter in their attitude...