Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mr Uncle Kenny

I didn't want to do a third post tonight, but my heart is telling me I need to do this.

This past Sunday I was driving around town when I get a call from The Wife and she sounded distraught, "Uncle Kenny committed suicide." My heart sank and I pulled over and sat there and talked with The Wife. I really like Kenny, he was one of my favorite people form her adopted side. He was a big burly bearded man that made you think either he will crush me or he's a big old teddy bear. The first time I met him was almost three years ago at church The Wife and I had been dating for a few weeks. I felt a tap on my shoulder and a loud authoritative voice boost "Are you the guy dating my favorite niece?" I thought, "Oh crap, I'm dead." Then with a smile and a jolly tone "Hey welcome to the family I heard you where a good guy, take care of my niece." From that point on I always called Kenny Mr Uncle Kenny.

Up until our wedding he always had a smile and seemed like a pretty happy guy. He had many demons in his past that included drugs, alcohol abuse and personal neglect. He let a promising NFL career pass him by and from what I have been told he cleaned up his act about five years ago and seemed to be right with the Lord. For some of you you might remember him from the wedding. He helped Megan the fainting bridesmaid off stage with my father.

Now looking back the wedding was the first signs of trouble. He was suppose to introduce the wedding party at the reception, but as we were about to walk in he got cold feet. Then two months ago he was placed in the hospital because his meds where not working and he seemed to be struggling. Then this past Sunday everything I guess came to a head.

There's part of me that thinks I could have helped more. I knew he was struggling and maybe one phone call would have be what he needed. There were Sundays that I wanted to go over to him and just sit with him. Were those opportunities that I didn't take that might have made the difference. I will probably always have to live with that as probably many other family members.

So in closing I will miss you Kenny I hope you are now at piece and your demons have left you. You will be missed but not forgotten.

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