Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Man Law

You know you have seen these commercials. A bunch of guys in a plexiglass cube at a square table decieding what men are allowed to do. Like you can't date a friends ex, unless she is hot then it's six months or no hiding beer.

Well I have an addition to the man law that needs passed. Lift the seat up to go to the bathroom. Here is why I want this a law. I finished last weeks football game and wanted to get dinner at the local McDonald's and use the bathroom and I mean that as a urinal is not enough. A guy is in there so I wait till he is done. I hear the flush, he walks out and I go in. He only had to go #1 and left the seat down and lets just say he needs to work on his accuracy. I he's talking to a friend as I yell, "What a jerk, at least raise the seat! JERK!" He may not have heard me, but still I don't want to sit down now. No matter how much you wipe the seat off it still takes time to dry.

Just be a little more courteous to your fellow man. Just raise the seat. If you don't want to use your hand at least use your shoe and lift it up that way.

So man law court, do I hear a second on my motion?


poutineq said...

Motion seconded.

My wife has reported that this is also sometimes a problem in public female toilets. We're not quite sure how, unless some people don't like to actually sit on the seats.

J Dog said...

I actually think that is more disturbing than what happened to me!