Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Place

As I mentioned in passing in the previous post The Wife and I found a place to stay. It's a three bedroom duplex just across the county line outside Wake Forest. We are so happy with our new place, it's not that much more expensive than what we were paying in Columbus and the complex is paying for water, sewage and trash.

Everything is great, except for one thing, the name. We now live on Apple Berry Court. Did you get that? Apple Berry Court! I mean that is one of the weakest names for a street ever! I know they are taking in to account females like apples and berries and court makes it sound small, but come on! Why does it have to be that feminine? I understand that all the "normal" street names like Elm, Pine and Washington are all taken and you don't want streets running up to the 1000s but give us some other name than Apple Berry Court. I want more manly names like Fried Chicken Drive, Football Court and Ham Sandwich Street. That is why I will no longer refer to our new place as The Duplex or any other names like that. It will only be called Fried Chicken Drive, a name anyone would love to have (except those people who don't like eating meat... I'm looking at you Gostomski!) it just sound delicious!

1 comment:

mcriff said...

Dave Scott might like Fried Chicken Drive. Glad to hear things are good in your new place