Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sleeping Beauty

When I first started working in television my back was constantly sore. I know a 26 pound camera on my shoulder, a 10 pound hip pack on my waist and a 15 pound tripod in my left hand may cause some of the problems, but I found out later most of this pain was caused by something else. After four years in television I had enough money to buy a new bed. I went to Big Sandy Superstore in Hurricane, West Virginia and found a very nice mid priced mattress and box springs. Three days later I felt like a new man. My old bed, which I used since high school, was awful and causing all the pain, well most of it, the camera still hurts a little.

So why am I tell you this? Well, even though our temporary place is nice, the bed is the worst bed ever, well maybe not as bad as this. Since The wife is now here it is even worse. You fall into the middle of this queen bed so we are always on top of each other, plus we are both stomach sleepers so it becomes awkward with you feet on the edge and your back sliding into the middle. It all came to ahead today when I wake up and I feel like someone has taken a large hammer to my back. All day I have not been able to sit comfortable all day today. I can not wait till Wednesday when my bed come in.


mcriff said...

I need a new bed

J Dog said...

Trust me it's one of the best investments ever!