Friday, February 01, 2008

Long Wait Is Over

I was a little dissapointed by the fact it wasn't a full two hours of Lost, it's a little bit of a mean joke to mention two hour premier and show one hours of a clip show. Yet I was very happy with that one hour.

So far we only knew that Jack and Kate actually got off the island, yet somehow I thought everyone might make it, till Hurly started screaming about the Oceanic 6. I kept wondering who are the six? We know three, but who are the other three? I must know I'm guessing Sawyer, Jin and Sayid. I love the fact that Hurly was freaking out and wanted to go back to the psych ward, the one place he sort of knew peace. The three biggest intriuges for me in the flash forwards are the cop asking about Anna Lucia, Jack and the mysterious visitor in the mental ward. I'm wondering if the cop knew something and was pumping Hurly for info for Mr. Suit. Then what was that all about Hurly talking about I should have gone with you instead of with Locke? I don't trust the guys on the boat, but still what did Locke do? I guess time will only tell.

This was a very strong start to the season, with only 16 episodes, I'm hoping there is that normal 5 to 7 week drop off and every week is this good, now onto the randomness:

-OK is Hurly special? He did see Jacob right? Yet Hurly has a history of crazy, maybe Jacob is a group crazy thing.

-Was it me or did Jacob look a lot like Jake's dad... just sayin'

-Yet again rain, everytime something bad happens rain is involved, was the split the cause of the rain.

-King Tome made the comment Ben is the strongest person on the island and I would agree. He has had his ass kicked by Rousso and Jack yet he is still trying to manipulate everyone.

-Holy crap, Jack was going to shoot Locke! I think Locke now understands that Jack REALLY wants off the island, he better be glad he emptied the gun.

-I am still sad Charlie is gone, I hope they keep him around as a ghost, or an island mystery.

-How did Naomi climb a tree? She was stabbed in the back? You know what, she might have lived longer if she hid in a bush or something. Kate has a history of being captured, for a tracking expert she should learn how to hide her own tracks better.

I think it's interesting that Rousso is going along with Locke, I know she does not want to leave the island, why not go back to your hideout and get to know your daughter.

-I'm guessing the next flash forward will be Kate. They won't reveal the next person for a few weeks. I'm guessing we will learn the past of Richard, he is the only one a complete mystery.

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