Friday, February 29, 2008

Constant(ly) Awesome

First I'm going to say this, read King Tom's post. He did a much better job than I tonight, I'm blaming the medication.

For an episode that I have no idea what was going on, this week was great. Yet I am confused, I thought we were going to get flashbacks, but instead we find out Desmond is flashing back and forth through time… well at least his consciousness is doing that. I felt like I was in an advanced Physics class at times, yet I wanted to know more. So does that actually validate what happened to him when the swan blew up and he started to see into the future and went back in time? I think Desmond is going to be the key for every major reveal. He is like Lothar the key master.

I love Desmond episodes, you never can figure out what is happening till the end. Desmond was flashing back and forth from 1996 and 2004. I knew Penny would be involved, but I didn’t know how. I was confused, anxious, worried and relieved for the entire episode. What we got was a love story, I was almost moved by the fact that Desmond finally got to talk to Penny. I felt like this was a little Princess Bride with the whole true love thing, but I can deal with it. No I wasn't crying, I just had something in my eye.

Not a lot of answers, but some new information popped up and all that will be revealed in the random thoughts:

Hey, it’s the Black Rock and the first mate was Tovar Hanso! The only thing found was a journal 7 years after it wrecked. It's not quite an answer, but at least it's a small reveal. Maybe we will get more information about Hanso, the Black Rock and why Mr Whitemore bought the journal.

Why was Penny’s dad bidding on the book. I think he has something to do with the boat. Penny is just a cover for him.

I felt like I was watching 12 Monkeys for a while.

I still can’t figure out the pilot, is he good or is he bad. I think he has a hidden agenda, I don’t know what, but something big will happen with him this year.

Was Daniel 1996 modeled after Lazlo?

OK is Daniel jumping around as well? I’m confused; this is going to get weird.

Stolen line of the night: I love you and I always have. First was used in Braveheart. I use that line with the accent on The Wife all the time.

Worst character name so far…. Dr Ray.

I love (George McCousky) he has been in a bunch of TV shows and one of my favorite bad movies Hackers. He always plays a great strange or bad guy.


King Tom said...

Thanks for the shout-out.
You're absolutely right- Demsond episodes are the best ever.

And one other thing- Faraday might have been modeled after Lazlo. But Lazlo was on Lost. He played Ben's drunkard father.

J Dog said...

I forgot about that... so when is Gabriel Jarrett going to make an apperance