Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Almost a Story

I normally do not and won't blog at work, but I am attempting to load video off my laptop and it is taking an hour longer than it's suppose to, so I don't care right now. My story tonight was kind of a strange one. All The Serg would tell me is was about an attempted abduction. My reaction was this "You're tell me that we are doing a story on an almost crime?" I know abduction is a serious thing and the guy who nearly did the abduction has been harassing people for weeks. At the time I did not know that. It was just bizarre to me that we were going to do this almost story and for the rest of the night everything was about almost. Then, I kid you not, they almost arrested him. They spotted his car and pulled him over in a parking lot. Of course, he ran like the wind.

When we found out we were within a mile of the scene, the only problem was, the intersection had about 7 strip malls and countless parking lots and no one knew which lot and there were not any tell tale signs of the scene. It consisted of only one marked police car (lights off), an unmarked car and the suspects car with a vanity plate on the front saying "Fear This." After searching the area, I spotted another live truck parking and I head towards them and then I spot the front plate. I think the cop was laughing at me when I pointed and screamed "FEAR THIS!" It had to be funny; we were searching for over 20 minutes.

We do a live shot for the 7 and find out they want a shot for the 11 as well. After we ate lunch we went back to the location. As locations in Durham go this is not a great spot to be at late at night. Countless police cars circle the area, yet we are approached by three different homeless guys. I kept thinking about the South Park episode about the homeless asking for spare change. At times I don't mind giving a little when I have it, but when I am working I usually won't give them money, I will food if I have it. We are a giant walking billboard and everyone thinks we have money. I don't carry any money, The Wife doesn't allow it, and something about it's hers.

While all this is going on I get a call, regretfully my wish of an easier week at the church got worse. They are now doing a video this week. To make this work I need to go Thursday morning and get a little training at the Mac store on Final Cut Express. Friday morning set up the camera, leave and come back when the video is done being shot, finally edit it all day and hope it works. If it doesn't I have to go back Saturday and make it work. Sunday I'm probably going to have to shoot the opening of the new site as well. I am getting tired of this. We are doing the video this week because the main guy didn't want to burden another minister with a last minute sermon. Yet I guess it's OK to burden me. I know it will have to get better, if it doesn't I'm going to have to stop helping. I no longer enjoy helping.

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