Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Devil in the White City

I'm trying to read 11 books this year, and it wasn't looking that good, I finished one book, but I was struggling to finish the second. I put it down and started to read The Devil in the White City on the recommendation from Justice. This is a true story about the celebration of 400th anniversary of Columbus finding the new world. Chicago won the rights to the fair, which later was called the Worlds Fair. It was about all the insight and struggles they had about pulling off this grand event. How a depression almost shut down construction, inability to get plans in, dealing with committees and political in fighting. I know what your thinking, that book sounds like suck! That's not all, it also has a serial killer. Just happens to be a real life killer that when on a killing spree that lasted as long as it took to start and finish the fair.

A lot of the killings he could not have gotten away with today, but with no instant communication, or computers and video keeping track of everything, he took advantage. He was very charming and conned his way around creditors and young women (most of his victims). All I will say is he may have killed as many as a hundred people, yet today he is unknown by many. Most of his killings never fully got documented yet they found remains and well did find many people that he came in contact with.

I read this book with in two and a half weeks. The Wife was happy I finished this book, because I'd stay up and read in bed till 2AM. Every chance I got I had to find out what happened next. Erik Larson, weaves both stories very well, I loved the serial killer parts and well liked the early development of the fair chapters. He would not have three straight chapters of the fair then one of the killer, he alternated each one. I would feel like I was getting bored with the fact that there was a fight about money and who controlled it. Yet, I knew that Holmes (the killer) was about to do something evil.

I know someone else who is reading this book and is loving it as much as I do. I would if you want an interesting story that reads like a novel, yet it's based on facts, get The Devil in the White City.

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