Friday, February 08, 2008

Down Then Way Up

I actually got to watch this episode live, after a long Wednesday (more on that in a later post), I was asked to edit and I was actually happy to. The main reason was exhaustion, the secondary was because Lost was on. Overall I wasn't happy with the beginning of the episode, I was not a fan of the new flashbacks, and I think they prepped up last season for this with the Nikki and Paulo episode.

For the most part I don't like the boat people, Miles is the stereotypical loose cannon, Daniel is too much of a whiner, the only thing going for the English chick is her red hair (sorry, personal thing) and her finding a polar bear with a Dharma collar. Yet you have the pilot guy, I actually liked him, I'm thinking he is going to turn and want to stay on the island, I just have that feeling. This episode took forever to get going, and I started to get interested when Ben shot the English chick, from there on, it was great. I loved the fact Ben is the reason the boat people came to the island. What did he do, was he D.B. Cooper or something? Then when Locke asked about the smoke monster I thought we were going to get answers, I want to know what smokie is! For an episode that started out slow, it ended up being pretty good, so dear creators of Lost, less slow more awesomeness... onto the jackassery:

Ben looked shocked that Hurley knew about the Jacob house.

When Sawyer was about to "pop a cap" in to Ben, Locke said something to the effect of are you going to kill him in front of his daughter, why didn't Sawyer comeback with "Look Shiskabob, she ain't his daughter." In Lost time that revelation only happened like two days ago. Is Hurly going to become a leader now?

When Sawyer was debating about killing Ben, he looked to Hurly and Hurly shook him off. I seriously think Hurly will be playing a huge roll this season.

We figured out how they will explain Walt's growth spurt, just say the island made him 6 foot now.

What is up with Abbadon the bald black guy with the empty office, The King thinks he has a connection to Penny's father, I'm not too sure, I think it's something else, but I don't know yet. Maybe he's with the Polar Bear black market and Ben stiffed him.

I may have more later, the lack of sleep from the past few days has caused some memory loss, I need to rewatch the episode.

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