Friday, February 22, 2008

I Got Scooby Doo'ed

It's Friday so that means another Lost episode recap and for the second week this season I actually got to watch the show as it happened. I took notes this time, yet I left them at work... stupid me. Overall I am not a fan of Kate flash bask/forward episodes. I agree with King Tom to a point, I think Kate is a strong character, except when its a Kate-centric show. It lacks something and I don't know what it is. Also I am getting a little tired of the love ping pong. We get it she runs to one guy then gets bored or picks a fight with Jack and runs to Sawyer (now swap names and repeat).

All episode long I was waiting for the swerve, at first I thought it was going to be Miles. I was for sure he was the spy... nope he just wants lots of money. What is it with him and money, first he's shaking down ghosts and now Ben for 3.2 million. I'm with Ben, why 3.2 million? Why not make it an even 3 or even better 4 million. There's something there and I'm almost wanting to know. Then I kept thinking it was that Kate was preggos, as we find out, Kate was not. Then they waited till the end to reveal it, the next member of the Oceanic 6 is Aaron. I had a feeling when Kate asked if he had seen any of the coverage, I started to think that it was Aaron. According to The Wife she thinks he's probably 2 so if that is true and "currently" Aaron is about 4 months and a trial can take a long time, probably at least four months from arraignment to trial finish, Claire might get killed off in any where from 6 months to 14 months, I say she'll probably die at the end of next season.

What is it with Locke, he is starting to turn into a demented less smart version of Ben. He's threating to kill Kate, shoves a grenade in Miles mouth and exiles Kate and talks about punishments, he is about to loss it! This is the second time Ben has got Locke to crack and throw plates around. Maybe Locke should stop being the guy to give the food to Ben. I can't figure out how far they can take Locke before he goes all Texas bell tower.

I'm loving the post Charlie Hurley more and more. Yet again he had the line of the night. Kate tricks him into telling her the location of Miles. Once it happens he responds with "You just Schooby Doo'ed me, didn't you?" I laughed and then a minute later I get a text from The Wife with that phrase on it. That needs to be added into standard vernacular.

Finally before my random thoughts I need to revise my list of Oceanic 6, so far I had been 4 for 4 and then I missed with Aaron. That means we currently have Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Aaron and I now think the last one will be Sawyer. If you look at the list of people still alive, he, Jin and Sun are the only logical ones left, I have a feeling Sun won't make it and Jin will go crazy. Now on to my other random thoughts

Why are Daniel and Charlotte playing three card Monte?

I guess Locke feels like chicken tonight.

Why at the bond hearing was Kate wearing cloths from the set of Dynasty?

I agree with King Tom yet again, I loved Hurley and Sawyer as roommates. That needs to be a webispode type thing. Each week they give us a 5 to 10 minute show about how Hurley loves to watch Xanadu too much and Sawyer never cleans the kitchen.

Where are the "Others" hiding out? It's been a few days now, I think the remaining people might want to return home or at least want to know what happened to Locke and Ben. Last season I kept complaining about The Others and now I want them back.

Grenade in mouth equals non sass... good to know.

Kate learned all her deal making abilities from her mother. I didn't see the I'll not testify if you let me see my grandson card.

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