Saturday, February 09, 2008

Air You Ready To Rock!

I'm sitting here on Fried Chicken Drive looking for something to do and I find on VH1 a documentary about the two Americans trying to become the World Air Guitar Champion. Most of you are now looking at google or the link and see if I am hallucinating. Oh no my friends, I am not. This is a serious competition that has its finals in Oulo, Finland. The documentary was shot in 2003 and no American has ever entered into the competition so this was a big deal in the world of air guitar (to let you know I am laughing as I type this). Everyone is taking this extremely serious and they are freaking great at it. It’s been going on since the mid 90s, and just like their metal the Fins love and revere their air guitarness. I seriously thing one of the competitors (Bjorn Torque) actually thinks he is a rock star. All these guys have personas and when they are on stage they try to embody this creation. Bjorn was supposed to be a new age punk rocker and he seriously thought he was the greatest air guitarist ever.

The US winner C-Diddy is wonderful, he is actually an actor in New York who went to UNC Chapel Hill. His shtick is wearing a Hello Kitty backpack around his chest. He is unbelievable and he actually won the world championship.

Every one of you have to admit that you have picked up an air axe and whaled on that thing and rocked it like Dokken! I know most of you admit it. I'd love to see one of the competitions and there happens to be one in Columbus the week AFTER we are supposed to be there. I’m actually going to see if we can change the dates and go see the show, maybe I could even compete. Now all I need is a name, Maybe something like Hambone McGhee.


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