Friday, February 15, 2008

Lost Goes All International Man of Mystery on Us

Well I am correct so far as to who is part of the Oceanic 6, Sayid has made it off the island. Yet, I had no idea that he would turn heel. I definably could see him as a hit man, but a hit man for Ben? What does he have over Sayid? I know he mentioned his friends, but what is going on here? As King Tom asked maybe Ben is actually good? I myself am starting to go with the philosophy that he is neither good nor bad. The people looking for the island maybe evil, but Ben is less evil. Yet, who is it that Sayid is looking for, I'm guessing the people who sent the boat, but who are they, regretfully they are the new "others." We keep looking for answers, yet we get more questions.

I am a little upset at Hurly, I thought he was going to become a leader, instead he has become patsy to Locke and I have lost a little respect for him, even though he had the "Great another Saywer" and the"break dance move" lines. I think Hurly has figured out that Locke may not be "stable" and some how will leave the group and rejoin Jack, but I think it we be because Locke will kick Hurly out and some how shame him. He wanted to stay, but was forced out. That is why he wants to go back.

I thought it was eerie that when Katie saw a pair of boots walking towards her from under the bed and that it was Sawyer, it reminded me of Sawyers flashback. The one where we see his dad kill himself.

What's up with Ben's secret room? Is he an international man of mystery? Why does he need so many passports and types of money?

Mental note, to get to Sayid, use a woman. He needs to learn that women are his down fall. First Nadia then Shannon and now Elsa, come on Sayid... look at the trend.

What's up with the time difference on the island, are they some how behind everyone else by 45 minutes? Is the island on a different time space continuum?

I don't trust the pilot, he seems shifty and I don't like it.

I am confused by Jacob's cabin, does it really exist of is an island trick. I'm thinking Locke has lost favor with Jacob for some reason and that Hurly is the key.

Even though I have no idea what is going on with the show (in terms of finality) I love it and I want to see how this ends. How can one show cause so much confusion and yet I keep coming back.

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