Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Confusion and Vindication

While at work yesterday I was minding my own business when I had a young reporter come up to me and ask me a question. "Do you have a Myspace account?" She was not looking to add me as a friend, she didn't have an account. To me this was shocking I started to wonder if she was Amish. Someone in their early 20s not having a Myspace page, isn't there a law against that or something? To top it off she had no idea how it works. She was trying to find pilots in the area, I don't know why she was wanting Myspace, wouldn't Google be better? I felt like I was explaining the internet to my mother-in-law. I'm not a big fan of Myspace, yes I have a page, but I only check it when The Wife tells me to. She did all the leg work on the thing, I just created it, I'd rather just blog than look at Myspace.

A week ago I mentioned how I had a story ripped from me and we put it on hold. Well a miracle happened... I actually got to edit the story today. Of course, it almost didn't happen again. I was text that it was on the docket of doom, but things could change. I walk in the door and Donna the desk chick gave me a look. I raised my hands in the air and said to words "Told you." She still has hope, her soul has not been crushed. The Serg was sent to do another story and I was sent to retread a day side story. Well, somehow the stars aligned and God was looking down on me and the next thing I know we are doing the story. I was so pleased with the story, I seriously think it's the best story that I have done since I moved here. Go over to the station page and see the story.


King Tom said...

I rarely, if ever, check my myspace. I created it about two years ago as a way to get people to go to my blog, the content and look of which I totally control.

Now everyone has a facebook or linkedin or something or other. And I'm happy with just my blog. Because it's all mine.

Viva individuality!

Schattenjager said...

I liked the story about the largest organ in N.C. Didn't you write a similar story about me? ;-)

Donna said...

I love being referred to as the 'desk chick'. HA!

mcriffle said...

Congratulations! It's a good feeling when it all comes together. I loved it, especially going behind the organ watching the guy climb around. You should enter this in competition. Did you write the standup?

Levy said...

I only check my myspace when I get an email saying someone sent me something.

Like the King, I only started it as a way to get people to my blog. Not that update that too often these last few months. But, I have posted a few things recently, so check it out (I know, shameless plug).

Congrats on getting a story you really enjoyed doing on the air. You do so much crap that you don't care about, it's gotta be nice to do something you are interested in.

J Dog said...

On the Myspace, I'm not a lone... good.

No Wilson, you had a dream about that, and stop fantasising about me

Your welcome donna, I thought you might like that

The stand up was a combined effort, I wanted a 2 part and he wanted to be in the back so we thought up that idea, if you watch closely you can tell there is an audio problem, he talked too soon on the move on the back end.