Friday, November 30, 2007

Weight Loss Challenge

I jumped on the scale a couple of days ago and to my surprise I was down to 277 pounds. For those of you knew to this site, I started a weight loss challenge and weighed 287.5. I am now down ten and a half pounds. I think I am starting to see it a little in my face. I'm on my way to crushing the competition... oh wait. I forgot something, I've been in one of my moods all week. Lethargic, apathetic, wanting to lay on the couch watch The Office Season 2 and each cookie dough. I've been bad eating at least two burritos... in one day and tonight I just had some chicken wings followed up by a brownie and ice cream. I've also did not exercise at all this week.

I don't know what's wrong, I've just been blah. I hope this weekend will help out. Saturday my plan is to sit around and not do anything important... maybe catch a movie, Sunday is a little busy, but I think I just need some down time and not worry about anything. Lets see if that happens.

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